Spooky Side Effects of Insomnia –‘A Scary Sleep Disorder’

Do you face problems sleeping at night? Are you the powerless prey of sleeplessness? Do you feel frustrated by flipping sides on your bed at night due to lack of sleep? If you said “yes” to any of the questions, you are the patient of Insomnia and this blog is for you.

Insomnia which is also widely known as “sleeplessness” is generally considered as sleeping disorder or lack of sleeping ability, on time. People suffering from Insomnia typically have trouble sleeping, and may experience difficulty in falling asleep, or may stay asleep as long as they desire. Sleeplessness is a chronic disease that may lead to several scary side effects. Here are the major spooky side effects of Insomnia some of which are life-threatening:

§ Atrocious Accidents: Sleeplessness is found to be the cause behind the most brutal accidents, many times. The people who have irregular sleeping patterns and disturbed sleeping schedules are found to be poor drivers –as they are drowsy every so often, and don’t drive with undivided focus.

§ Heart Attacks & Strokes: this is quite a life-threatening side effect of Insomnia. Sleeping less, inappropriately, irregularly and so on can make your heart beat at different rates. This can interrupts in a healthy heart function, eventually may lead to strokes and heart failures. It’s quite requisite to fix your Insomnia as it can cost you “your life”!

§ High Blood Pressure: Sleeplessness may lead to several chronic diseases and bad health conditions; ‘high blood pressure’ is one of them. The patients of Insomnia are generally the patients of high blood pressure as well.

§ Dreadful Depression: The risk of developing dreadful depression increases when people get less sleep. This not only leads to anxiety and headache, but also may be linked to several other ailments which are caused due to depression.

§ Excess Weight Gain / Loss: Bad sleeping patterns can cause a person to gain excessive weight, or the victim may witness significant loss in his / her weight. This is neither in the favor of your appearance (looks), nor supports your health; in fact, extreme alteration in your normal (general) body weight may yield many chronic complications and grave issues.

§ Spoil Your Sex Life: When you trouble falling asleep on the right time at night, you stay irritated, unbalanced and disturbed –this wipes away the entire spark from your love / married life leaving you tired, unenergetic and drowsy. You possess lesser interest in having sex, dwindle your sex drive, and put your sexual life at the back seat-which sooner or later affects your relationship.

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If you are a patient of sleeplessness (Insomnia) –go, find the sedative drug on the leading medical stores, or buy Zolpidem tablets online. Fighting Insomnia, winning over it –could be the only way to live a safer, happier and a healthier life!