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Following Gulliver

He’s left standing on the walkway
overlooking the loading bay
wondering when the one he waits for will come home.
Yet this captain he cares for has the spirit to roam.

He understands the temptation
the stars connect every location.
But he’s still grounded with two feet on the floor
wondering if he’ll ever be something more

When they’re reunited, it’s sweet but brief
fleeting encounters only bring so much relief.
He doesn’t share that same ambition
to explore space without any inhibition.

Thus, he’s left to wait, with wires to lace
on a colony floating through space.
While some embrace mechanical wings to soar
others need to remain behind the loading door.

To have the skills with wires and screens
is not something to satisfy a wanderer’s dreams.
But he’s not an explorer, he lacks that trait
which leaves him behind, to sit and wait.

Discontentment pokes and pries
challenging his tired eyes.
When the ships docks again tomorrow
he knows he needs to find the will to follow.

The prompt that inspired this piece was to write a romantic poem in a science fiction setting. Prior to stumbling across that prompt, I’d written many sci-fi stories, but never attempted to bring that setting into poetry. To make things even more fun, the last requirement was that it also needed to rhyme. Given the need to weave all of those different elements together, I felt that a storytelling piece would be a good way to capture the sci-fi theme without making the piece feel too strange to read.

At any rate, it was a fun experiment.

The title is a small reference to Gulliver’s Travels. I wanted to imply that the narrator could simply be pining for someone named Gulliver, but also bring that larger literary reference in to give the sense of travel and adventure.