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Retail banking is not what it used to be. Since Open Banking has opened the floodgates to a variety of alternative financial services, banks find themselves struggling to hold on to their customer base, not to mention to attract new customers.

Challenger banks, BigTech and start-ups do not only have…

Part 2 of Designing for Trust

In the previous article in this series on designing trust, we have examined what it means to trust in the digital age and identified three main components for assessing trustworthiness: competence, commitment and motive. We have also uncovered that companies (and by extension designers) need to develop new mechanisms and…

This week BT has joined the ranks of many other (predominantly fashion) brands that have undergone a re-design over the past year and like many of those other brands they have emerged from their re-design with a minimal, black-on-white, sans-serif (Helvetica, is that you? …

Part 1: Understanding Trust

I have never come across a service design project that didn’t involve trust in one way or another. From Banking to Retail and even Public Sector: every project has a direct or indirect component of trust and trustworthiness.
This is not surprising if you think about it, as trust lies…


Service Design Lead at Virtusa xLabs

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