I survived my schooling!

Schools are

cauldrons of conformity

killers of creativity

the squiggly goo of you

crammed into the hard mould

of the robot worker

the bean counter

the ass licker.

Hooray for you,

who survived your schooling

who turned rebel or introvert

drunk or alcoholic

shaman or mystic

a glass to the goo

that still leaks out of you!

What is life for?

Are we but pawns of advertising?

suckers for shopping?

space behind screens?

filling in forms,

taxing our dreams

sex is for selling

diamonds for weddings!

Remember back

to before you went to school?

What did you love doing?

That’s it! Life is for playing!

You are a violin,

the cosmos the bow,

you’ll never know

what can come out of you

still you resume playing!

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