The Relentless Bias Against Donald Trump
Dave Pell

I started following you and reading you 18 months ago or so. Always found you entertaining even though you come from far left field. Your take on things was always well thought out and usually very funny. I check back in now from time time but just hear the same vitriol spewed by most of the media, not original, not entertaining, not funny. All anti-Trump all the time. Every week, hell every day, it’s a new story from some unnamed source that gets replaced and forgotten by the next rabid hoax. If Comey had a memo that was as aggregious as you all swear it is, he has comitted a felony by not immediately reporting an obstruction of justice, yes this is true. Of course this “memo” will never surface nor will the unnamed source, and all will be forgotten because of the next hoax. Keep up the yeoman’s work kissing the asses of the lefties and ignoring the facts. Funny, your bottom of the news has more basis in reality than your first 9 stories any more. I realize you’re not a real journalist, just a compiler, and you do wear your biases on your sleeve which I respect but I miss your funny stuff. There appears to be no effort to avoid the fake stuff, oh well.

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