29 January

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Lately, Sleighdogs have been working from three different countries, literally from all around the world. And likewise, our links come from all corners of the internet. As always, we’re bringing you your dose of design, tech, and more.

How UI Twists Your Words

And interesting look at how the UI can make you perceive the very same content differently.

Comic Sans Criminal

A website that helps use the Comic Sans font appropriately.

Nobody Wants to Use Your Product

An article about the importance of building products for the results rather than for their features.

Volkswagen Trailer Assist

A behind the scenes video of the building process of the special trailer for the Trailer Assist video.

Lego Cheerios Machine

Are cereals for breakfast boring? Definitely not when served by the Lego Cheerios Machine that is powered by the Lego Mindstorm electronic pieces.

A/B Split Testing on Low Traffic Sites

A post listing several ways of doing A/B tests on websites getting less than 5–10 conversions a week without having to wait for the results for months.


A nifty plugin allowing the use of badges in your favicon.


A collaborative commnity-sourced production company established by Joseph Gordon Lewitt.

Analytics Bot

A bot allowing you to leverage the functionality of Google Analytics within Slack.

Quora’s “Knowledge Prizes”

From now on, Quora is letting companies incentivize great answers to their questions by paying cash to whomever they think answered best.

Bernie Sanders 404 Page

We’re suckers for witty and imaginative 404 pages. The one on Bernie Sanders’s website is a proof that even a simple 404 page can be personal.

Are you love or hate Comic Sans? If you could have the Lego machine serve you any breakfast of your choice, what would it be? What do you think of Quora’s “Knowledge Prizes”? Shoot us a tweet!

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