6 November

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As always, in this week’s Bits for the Weekend, we’re bringing a bit of tech here, and a bit of design there. We’ll introduce you to a couple interesting apps, cute gadgets, interesting design sources, and more. So sit back and enjoy the ride!


Blab is an app which could be described as Periscope for multiple people.

Why Self-Driving Cars Need to Be Programmed to Kill

An interesting post looking into how self-driving cars should behave in unavoidable accidents, and presenting the ethical dilemmas connected.

UX Today

A website publishing one UX related link every single day.


An app helping you track the things you’d like to do more often, and make habits of them.


Ulo might be the cutest surveilance device you’ve ever seen.

Adobe Slate

A tool helping you easily create beautiful and consistent visual stories.

What is your take on the self-driving car problematic? Would you find a place for Ulo in your home? What activities would you track with the Balanced app? Let us know by sending a Tweet our way.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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