Ever Perfect and Unbroken

The winter air crystallized it all

Though nightfall, like my mind, the skies were cloudy

Scattered remnants of faces and projects it featured

The mind can be a destructive thing

Thoughts of all phases pass so fast

Not quite at the speed of light

But just slow enough to know and understand

Oh the people by the #’s I wish to make happy

Fear arises before I can begin

?’s surface, what if they make me mad?

What if they disappoint me?

With all the happiness I’ve given them

Is actually, wasted energy

Selfishness lives everywhere

And me? I can’t outgrow it

Oh, the people by the #’s I wish to make happy

I could, I would, I will

If I was….

Ever Perfect and Unbroken

Article Credits

📓: Mead Composition

💻: MacBook Pro