If You Have a Smartphone You Have a Business

What if I told you that you could be that next under 30 tech billionaire?

Or that popular YouTube vlogger that retires their mom?

How about the husband/wife combo who quit their jobs and sell on Amazon full-time?

Well you can and more.

With technology having evened the playing field and the non discriminatory internet, who doesn’t know or care who you are or what you have, anyone can start up using a smartphone.

It just requires a mental shift.

For some, their phone is more like a toy-a fun social gadget. Others a productivity tool that can kickstart some income streams.

For instance, have a product? Items in your home you don’t want or need? Sounds like inventory to me. Download selling apps like LetGo, OfferUp, and Ebay to liquidate.

Have a local post office? A car? Sounds like distribution to me. Try selling on Craigslist or Amazon.

Have a bank account to link? Sounds like mobile payments to me. Square and Paypal can help with that.

And a smartphone looks like a tool to help execute the above mentioned to me.

Even if your phone isn’t being used as a business tool, life itself is a business.

Every smartphone comes preloaded with productivity apps (calendar, calculator, reminder, etc.) to keep your life organized and on track. And what’s not preloaded can be downloaded from the App Store.

Theres no reason anyone doesn’t know their FICO score or bank balance. No reason why you don’t know when the light bill is due.

We are literally in the age where we can find out almost anything at any given time. We have more access and are more connected than ever but remain somewhat limited in our thinking.

Gone are the days of watching everyone else be successful while standing on the sidelines due to a lack of resources. You have the same access as them.

You can have and do what you want. All you gotta do is change your thinking.

Change your mind to change your life.

If you have a smartphone you have a business.

Get started.

Thank you reading!!

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