You Ain’t Gotta Like My Shit

I’m seeing a lot of people liking a lot of questionable shit and I don’t like it.

Scrolling through social media timelines and even reading stories on here has me feeling some kind of way. I see posts that gets hundreds, thousands of likes and its like why? Its a pic of (insert basic object here). What’s to like about that? Here on Medium some things are good to read but not necessarily recommend but hundreds have tapped that little heart. It has me wondering if the people who have thousands of followers, would post some of the regular things they don’t have to if it wouldn’t get so many likes? Would that 1 minute story been posted if it wouldn’t get hundreds of recommendations?

I’m all for acknowledging good content. That’s the thing it should be good. Not the tenth daily selfie or fifth mundane object with a caption. Geez enough is enough. Who cares?

I guess its the level you get to where not a whole lot of thought or value has to go into your content and its well received. Then for those who are trying to deliver good content and value don’t get the recognition for not being “known”.

If I ever get to be “popular” please don’t like my shit just to like it. Be honest. I don’t ever wanna get to the point where I can post a pic of my trash or a blog post about toilets and it gets thousands of likes. For what? Don’t appease just to appease.

I wanna know if my content is of value and the only way to judge is through honesty. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reading!