The first opensource Kubernetes-Native IDE.

Eclipse Che 7 for Kubernetes-Native IDE for Cloud Native Applications

Release Overview

Che 7 is the biggest release in Eclipse Che history — focused on simplifying writing, building and collaborating on cloud native applications for teams. This release is the next step for Eclipse Che, making it the first developer workspace server and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating cloud native, enterprise applications on Kubernetes.

This release introduces:

  • New Editor: Based on Eclipse Theia, the new default web-based editor provides a VSCode like experience in the browser.
  • Devfile…

Time to connect, share and get inspired during the Eclipse Che and Theia Contributor Summit !

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce that this year again we will be having an Eclipse
Che and Theia Contributor Summit during the community day at Eclipse Con 2019 Europe on October 21st.

This is an invitation for you to make sure to get your proposals in for
the event. We had a great session lineup last year, and with so many
exciting developments in both projects since then, this year's
topics will be of great interest too.

Some ideas of topics you may want to present are:

Enterprise Grade Cloud IDE and Release Timing — Eclipse Che for developer teams and enterprises!

In the latests blog posts, we highlighted the main focus area of Eclipse Che 7, the new plugin model, the kube-native developer workspaces. This blog post explain the different changes coming with Eclipse Che 7 related to the security and management when deployed for enterprises.

Enterprise Grade Cloud IDE

Eclipse Che has gained a great deal of interest in large enterprises who are moving to containers and want to standardize the developer workspace and remove source IP from hard-to-secure laptops. However, there are a number of features needed in…

New workspaces model, full “dev-mode” for application runtimes — Eclipse Che the first kube-native IDE !

In the latests blog posts, we highlighted the main focus area of Eclipse Che 7, the new plugin model. This blog post explain the different changes that have been introduced to the Che workspaces, in order to prive full “dev-mode” capabilities on top of application runtimes by sidecaring developer tooling.

Kubernetes native IDE

This new version of Eclipse Che makes it the first Kubernetes native IDE.

Developers using Eclipse Che use containers directly in their developer workspaces. …

New plugin model and compatibility with VSCode Extensions — Eclipse Che Is on Fire !

In the latest blog post, we highlighted the main focus area of Eclipse Che 7. This blog post provides a deep dive on the new plugin model of Eclipse Che 7.

New Plugins Model

Eclipse Che is a great platform to build cloud-native tools. For Eclipse Che to be successful in its mission, it requires a strong extensibility model with an enjoyable developer experience for contributors.

In the past, Eclipse Che’s extensibility was focused on white-labelling use cases. ISVs were able to customize Eclipse Che, building their own…

A better plugin model, a new IDE, and Kubenative Workspaces — Eclipse Che Is on Fire !

With this blog post, we are starting a serie of multiple blog posts highlighting the new capabilities which will be introduced with Eclipse Che 7. This blog post provides an overview of the areas of focus for Eclipse Che 7 as well as its new IDEs.


What a year for Eclipse Che! Release after release, Eclipse Che gets better and better thanks to the engagement of the community and your feedback.

As an open source project, the core values of Eclipse Che are…

Multi-user, teams, new layout, enhanced debugger and OpenShift support!

Release Overview

Che 6 is the most important release in Eclipse Che history — it’s the first time that an open source cloud IDE and containerized workspace server has been appropriate for even the largest and most complex teams.

This is a big release with more than 1550 commits so there’s a ton of new goodness here for everyone!

  • User Management with Keycloak: Authenticate with OAuth or SAML. Integrate with your LDAP or Active Directory.
  • Team Workspaces…

EclipseCon Europe 2017 is in 2 weeks and we can’t wait to see each of you. The conference will take place October 24 -26, 2017 in Ludwigsburg, Germany and that will be a great opportunity for you to meet our team there!

During the conference, we will have in-depth sessions for Eclipse Che:

Openshift Support, .Net 2.0 Stack, Git and Dashboard Improvements, Search and Java Formatters

This release note covers both 5.17.x and 5.18.x release changes.

  • .Net 2.0: New stack, sample app and language server.
  • Git: Integration in project explorer, better diff and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Dashboard Usability: Simpler workspace configuration and management.
  • Search: Better search result page.
  • Java Formatters: Ability to import Eclipse Java formatters.
  • Performance: Faster workspace agent loading.

Quick Start

You can also use the latest Che 5.18 features on’s hosted Che SaaS.


You can upgrade from any 5.x version to the latest 5.18:

docker run eclipse/che:5.18.0 upgrade

Release Details

OpenShift Support

For the past several months the Red Hat team has…

Ceylon Stack, Git Improvements, Java Testing and Dashboard usability.

This release note covers 5.16.x release changes.

  • Git: Rebase instead of merge when pulling, filter branches.
  • Java Testing Usability: Run all tests from a project or a specific package.
  • Dashboard Usability: Tweaks in the new workspace creation flow.

Quick Start

Upgrade to 5.16

You can upgrade from any 5.x version to the latest 5.16:

docker run eclipse/che:5.16.0 upgrade

Deprecation Notice

WsConnectionListener class (#5740) is now deprecated to replace EverREST-based Websocket calls with the new RPC framework (#4459)

Release Details

Ceylon Support (#5844)

We’ve added a new stack on Eclipse Che for Ceylon. You can now build Ceylon applications by easily creating…

Stevan Le Meur

Product Manager at Red Hat. Eclipse Che commiter. Geek, Design, Architecture and Kite surfing.

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