It could be a good time to sign on as a writer

Medium publication The Startup with nearly half a million subscribers seems to be very generous in accepting and approaching new writers at present.

If you are not already a writer there and have an unpublished draft in the wings, their range of topics seems to have expanded widely, take a look at what they are currently publishing and see if you think your work may fit.

From my count, they publish between 30 and 60 articles and stories a day. Each of these will stay on the front…

An opinion piece on the conscious machine fallacy

Science and tech pundits say it’s only a matter of time I say not ever

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“Humans will become very intimate with machines in the future”— Adi Da

Popular science culture suggests it’s almost a given that at some point artificial intelligence will be conscious and embedded in some mechanical, virtual or synthetic structure that is non-organic and not created via biology. This possibility is based on an erroneous understanding of what consciousness is — there is a caveat which will be looked at later in the article.

The Simulation and Appearance of Consciousness are Never Being Conscious:

This should be quite obvious but it gets swept aside as if it’s irrelevant. A machine or computer or its software may mimic what it is to be…

Practical Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be a practical matter valuable to people performing any task

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There is a rumor going around that you have to be a “spiritual” type to get into the awesomeness of mindfulness.

Not true. The practical, active and enduring value of being present is that you can be simply conscious of whatever you are doing. It’s a bankable virtue, not something ethereal.

There are whole schools of meditation loosely labeled, mindfulness. I’ve been meditating in one form or other for years, so that side of things is no mystery to me. What we are discussing here is far simpler than that. This is not sitting meditation. …

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My daily Gemini Astro-Scroll arrived as a text message, it was 6 a.m. and I’d already inadvertently stomped on my dog Abra’s fresh scat in my new slippers. I was not expecting much of a day:

“Hi dude and dudettes crap day ahead for Geminis I would try to put a positive spin on it but due to overwhelming celestial factors it’s utterly impossible for you to have anything but a bleak miserable day. …


Sanity begins and ends here, the knowledge of self-existence is our primary and indisputable authority

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What do we know with absolute certainty?: The sense of self-existence, consciousness or being is never in doubt. We never have to question whether we exist or not, this is the case. It’s a primary absolute and self-evident knowledge.

René Descartes famously wrote, “ I think therefore I am.” He came to this conclusion by using extensive logical analysis, much simpler it’s: I am therefore I am. Our I — the “am-ness” of being is complete knowledge, nothing external needs to justify it. …

Short Story

I haven’t given up, just waiting on approval from Quillette

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I’m not going to insult you and explain the intellectual dark web, it’s similar in impact and subtle, finessed cognition, to that referenced in this analogy:

I was looking for a basic car to buy and went down to the local, Autos Done Dirt Cheap, franchise. I could see a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser in need of a paint and panel job. A salesman came striding out to meet me.

I swear it was Meatloaf or at least a Meatloaf clone: big, loud and overpowering. The only difference was he had a broad Australian accent.

“How you going mate, what…

and who spiked my Kombucha

Shadow Side Fiction

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Note: Each word with a small number next to it, will have a notation at the bottom of the page. This will have a very short reference to a life event. To understand how and why it’s written in this manner, go here

I was on the canvas, I saw through bloodied, sweaty eyes the referee and Mark Johnson 111 (the third) standing over me.

MJ3 was ginormous.

An urgent question began to form.

What am I doing in the ring with MJ3 and how do I get out of here?

The referee was up to four…

Old Books (Public Domain)

There was a time not so long ago when to write a book was a relatively passive event. At least it appeared that way. The writing itself was the marker, the pivotal allure, the make or break.

The book would be a solid mass, not a hologram, a potential object. The solidity of a book is different from its digital contemporary, it has a feel, a look, dimensions — personality.

A book is a book. Digital books are not books, they are ideations, seemings, possibilities. They are only created as download, in flux, potential, never an object, in fact.


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I pulled up a blog post from six months ago and was surprised to see how clunky, awkward and inverted it was — meaning not considerate of the reader at all.

When I wrote it I remember thinking it was a good post, well-written and informative, free from grammar issues and I was proud of it.

Then, I was not using the invaluable Grammarly add-on for chrome and it detected two obvious writing errors as well. This browser extension is not perfect but will pick up many grammar mistakes.

I’ll list the issues with the blog post in case they…

Photo by Åsmund Gimre on Unsplash

Paul Bestwick was no hipster, there was no man bun wound to breaking point on his skull. Icons of metrosexuality he could not abide. He was not the guy in this photo, not at all.

There was an old, love-hate tattoo on his knuckles but the inkmaster was only learning at the time and left the “e” off the “hate”. His tattoo was unique in the western world. Locally he was known as the love-hat man.

That one bad tattoo did not put him off body art, in fact, he had covered so much of his torso, naked he looked…


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