How to Find Cheap Flights in Europe

I wasn’t born a prince. But I was born an explorer. So I needed to figure out how can I travel.

I had more than 30 trips in the last 4 years. I was partying on a Gucha Festival, the trumpet festival in Serbia, hiking the fjords in Norway, having a dinner in traditional Portuguese family, watching Croatia playing in the football world cup at the town square of Zagreb, hiking and sleeping on a mountain hut in Pyrenees and many other memories.

This was possible because I had my travels on minimum budget. The main costs for travelling are: Transport + Accommodation + Food/ Activities & Entertainment.

On this post I will share how I find cheapest option for flights.

AZAIR.EU — The tool for flights for budget travelers is a search engine of flight combinations of budget travel companies to reach your own destination.

The difference between azair and other flight search websites is that AzAir gives you more search options. Here you can look for flights for flexible and fixed dates, adding nearby airports, overnight stay flights and the “Take me anywhere option” for people that wants to see cheapest flights departing from a certain location.

How it works?

For example: I have 3 days to free to use for vacation and I want to go in Morocco.

Here’s what happens when I use one “quite popular” flight search website:

more than 900 euros for a flight”. With this price, going to Morocco will be just a wish.

Thankfully, there’s AzAir. This is the their result:

100 Euros for Morocco seems more like a good deal.

I use this website in a way that I always look for one way flights and add nearby airports, as I am kind of flexi traveler. Than I search for one way flights for coming back, and analyze the results.

Maybe I want to be gone next weekend, where could I get lost?

It says Milan, Liverpool, Timisioara or Toulouse :)

That’s it!

You have other tips on finding cheap flights? please share it in the comments!