I just discovered the best productivity hack EVER!

I always had a big problem focusing and was always wondering if I have ADHD. I know that distraction and information overload is a huge block to pursue my dreams…

I discovered a new tip and today is one of the days when I feel that my To-Do list is competed.

Here it is how it looks like:

  1. My Facebook newsfeed is empty.
  2. The columns on the sides are hidden.

Facebook has always been a main channel of communication for work. Throughout my day I spend big amount of time going back and forth on this platform.

My problem with this platform was that I would often forget what I needed to do in first place or end up scrolling the news whenever I would get on Facebook.

There is so much information in just one opening of the page; Information from everywhere. Someone has a birthday, recommendation for a friend, groups and pages you belong to, ads and so on…

Facebook can be a huge procrastination, interruption and information overload monster.

You can learn how to do same hack yourself on this link.

In one of my favourite books “Rework” I read a sentence that says:

Your day is under siege of interruptions. It’s on you to fight back

Have a productivity tip? Please share it in the comments. I would love to hear other hacks and ideas for a superior way of work! (: