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Bali has charm that will never let you leave! There is something for everyone. From forested, volcanic mountains to iconic rice paddies. From pristine beaches to coral reefs. If you’re looking for a right balance of culture, beaches, parties and nature, then Bali will be the perfect destination for you to go. The vibrant vibes that Bali portrays will make your stay worthwhile.

If you’ve been to Bali what was the best things you did or admire to do?If you haven’t been then, what would you love to do?

A solid backpacking trip in a luxurious way will always help to explore and cover such offbeat places. I think Travel Khiladi did the same for all the Khiladi Travellers. This article will be the guide for your trip to Bali to explore the offbeat places.


Nusa Penida is the best destination to start your stay in Bali. It is a home to a few enchanting islands. The island is just a 40 minute ferry ride from Sanur. The ferry is quite a bumpy ride and I recommend you to not eat a lot before boarding the ferry. A single day and $50 are enough to explore the top attractions such as Klingking beach, Crystal Beach, Broken beach & Billabong beach. The cost is inclusive of a private car, sightseeing and food at the bamboo huts.

The complimentary food we get in the package is any one dish with some drinks of our choice. They serve great mouthwatering beverages. These places are also good for snorkeling owing to the good marine life and clear water. Don’t be afraid of getting photo-bombed here as not many tourists come here anyways.

Uluwantu Temple

Situated on the southern part of the Bukit peninsula, Uluwantu temple is a well-known sea built temple which is 90meters above the Indian Ocean on top of a cliff. It’s the best spot to catch the sunset over the Indian Ocean. Due to it’s distant location, not many tourists make it to this temple which is why it makes it a good choice to visit. The best time to visit the temple is around 5ish.The entry fees for the temple is $3.

A parong and slash must be worn in order to visit the temple. If you’re not carrying, not to worry they will provide outside the temple for free. The sunset and Indian Ocean view was on point as it offers a plethora of opportunities to click the best pictures.

Tip: The temple is surrounded with forest which has lot of monkeys, be careful with your belongings. These monkeys are habitual of snatching things such as jewelry, cap, spectacles etc.

Balangana Beach

One of the most off-beat beaches in Bali. It’s white creamy sandy beach with a pearly texture. In order to enjoy and chill with fewer number of people as well as to ignore the madness and chaos of Kuta and Seminyak, then Balangana beach will be the best option.

It is also famous for pre-wedding photo shoots. As and when you reach, you will see lot of couples with the photographers. The beach also has a small temple in a cave which is not noticeable, when you climb the stairs, you will see on the right side a small cave in that there’s a temple.

Ubud-street shopping

Bali has lot of options for shopping, but to get the best place according to me would be shopping on the streets of Ubud. The shopkeepers will seem occasionally pushy, but there are no fixed prices, so have those bargaining skills up your sleeve to get the best deal. The streets will be super crowded but it’s fun to shop and negotiate.

The people are so nice in Ubud, they interact with you much more as compared to South Bali People. There’s one café called Warung d’Ubud which serves amazing smoothies at the cheapest price. If you’re in Ubud, you must visit this café and try Avocado smoothie.


One of the first agro tourism spot started in Bali. This place is a combination of three things it has rice terrace fields, a swing and the processing of coffee. Bali is all about coffee and rice terrace fields. This place is perfect for coffee lovers as it shows the full process of how coffee is made. It serves different type of coffees and the charges are very minimal. This is the place where you can have the actual flavor of coffee.

The swing will help you to see the rice paddies in much better way. The swing will cost for 5$ for both the sides. They swing with the front facing as well as back facing. During the swing, they play a drum which is part of their culture. The swing will last for more than 3 minutes. The rice terrace fields offer a perfect Bali photo opportunity with its dramatic views.


Partying late night and getting up early for the rafting, thought was a bad idea? But no, it was a hell out of a crazy experience. Toekad Rafting gives the fun and exciting experience by just offering 2 hours 30mins ride. It is kind of crazy cardio exercise after the relaxing trip of Bali. It is highly recommended as the freezing cold water and crazy guides was on point. The scenic view and the bumpy ride were just cherry on the cake. The journey on board will give you beautiful journey around 12kms of Ayuny raiver. A small pub on the way in the middle of the river was just amazing for the refreshment. As they serve lot of things such as Beers, Coconut water, chips,etc. They also offer lunch for complimentary.

After reading this post, I think Bali should be in your bucket list. It gives you all the flavors, what you looking for. It is just an umbrella for the various things. From crazy parties to scenic places. Best place to chill and party in Bali is Rock Bar, Sky Gardens, Potato heads, La favela & Finns. Sky Gardens is ranked as 25th best club in the world. I think you should not miss this one, as it has some great vibes gives you hangover with its music.

One Personal Tip: Always try to learn the language of the specific country where you travelling. It will help to get good discounts. My personal experience, I learnt Balinese language before heading towards it and somehow it helped me a lot.

Imagine, I’ve done all of this in 4 days. What can you do in a week?

Thanking Travel Khiladi for giving me the opportunity to travel and explore Bali which was always on my bucket list.