What does Slice Rides do?

Making everyday a little easier: Radically convenient commuting

Commuting is a daily hassle

Getting to work is a grind. Employees are forced to pick among rigid schedules of corporate shuttles, transfers and waits of public transit, and traffic and parking hassles of driving. Quite literally, most of us spend money and plan our schedules so we can pick the least evil commuting option everyday. The need could not be greater for a commuting network that blends the convenience to travel when you want with the flexibility to travel at your price point.

Companies need an effective solution

Employees use a host of modes to get to work, from riding trains and corporate buses, to driving and biking to work. To give an employee base what it needs, employers need to offer a commuting platform with multiple modes. But when each single option can be prohibitively expensive, how can firms afford to create this? Not only does this mean sorting through a wide list of service providers but also subsequently monitoring their efficacy to ensure you have an effective program. As a result, firms are forced to choose a single option which leaves a significant portion of their staff with no viable alternative to traffic.

Now however, Slice Rides is offering a cost-effective platform with multiple commuting options that work for every employee!

Slice Rides makes commuting easy

Slice Rides is a one-stop commuting platform for enterprises. Our seamlessly integrated site and phone application help employees coordinate peer-to-peer rides, search public transit options, and reserve existing corporate shuttles and buses. In essence, we give employees peace of mind by allowing them to find and take the best way to work, anytime, at their price point.

Eg. 1: Sarah can attend last minute meetings without worrying about transit and shuttle schedules as she finds commuting options real-time. Eg. 2: Mike commutes stress-free by reserving a seat on his company bus ahead of time. If he misses the bus, he simply rides with a peer.

Creating mixed-mode, easy-to-manage commuting programs

A sophisticated commuting network that works for all your employees is now affordable and virtually touch free to manage. Slice Rides can help meet the employee need for cost-effective travel to and between office sites, minimize parking congestion, and satisfy government mandates.

Our platform enables firms to optimize commuting benefits and make informed data-driven decisions on incentives that positively impact the bottom line. And as your company scales to open new offices anywhere in the country, our platform scales with you.

Contact our team to learn more about how we can give your firm the cutting-edge and cost-effective commuting program your employees deserve!

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The corporate commuting advantage

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We have defined a mixed-mode platform or program as a unified offering of multiple seamlessly consolidated modes or travel options. A multimodal trip on the other hand, consists of multiple modes appended to extend the range of single options.

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