Joy On A Budget

Not everyone has endless supplies of cash or large amounts of airline points racked up or has the ability to go out to restaurants constantly. It would be great if everyone had these luxuries, but it’s just not realistic. Yet, oftentimes, that’s where I feel joy most easily, in those “vacation” moments. A gorgeous view in Hawaii, a great night out with my best friends, a delicious meal at my favorite whole in wall Mexican place. That’s when I feel joy without even thinking about it. It’s easy, effortless. But it also costs money to have those experiences, buy a plane ticket, buy a meal, buy time with those closest to me. Recently, I’ve been challenging myself to feel joy without these incredible circumstances and how those can be just as powerful as the vacation moments.

  1. Call/visit my mom. My mom rocks, and she instantly makes me feel joyful. She encourages me, critiques me (lovingly of course), and reassures me which is some good verbal joy and I am here for it
  2. Make some coffee, sit myself on a squishy couch, and wrap myself under a blanket. This instantly grounds me, connects me to myself and centers my attention. Inner joy!
  3. Listen to music. And not just any music but dance-your-butt-off-I-am-alive-music. These days, those artists for me are: Cher, Mariah Carey, MacDre, Tupac, Elton John, Dixie Chicks, Tove Lo and MØ.
  4. Get outside. Doesn’t matter if it’s outside your work building amidst the other suits & high heels, in a forest, or your backyard. Just get outside, feel the air, and breathe.
  5. Laugh. Who makes you laugh deep, belly laughs? Call up that person. Re-watch that cat video on YouTube that made you stupidly smile. Look up a corny knock knock joke and tell it to your co-worker. I promise you, when your face smiles, your mind will too.

All of these suggestions are cheap & approachable ways to find joy in your life. They’ve worked for me so far and hopefully they will for you as well. Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Practicing tip #2

With joy,