Designers make decisions upon the look and functionality and visually implement them. Developers make decisions that will shape the outcome of the designs and implement them. We’re all problem-solving.
Should designers code… or should developers design?
Jessica Lascar

I love the article, but think the argument gets tied up in semantics here.

I’m not a code-savvy designer, but (more and more) many coders certainly do design.

Development used to alienate many design-minded professionals due to a treacherously shallow learning curve and the utilitarian instinct fostered in such an environment.

As programming languages mature and markets expanded (inviting increasingly diverse talent), upstart programmer’s ambitions have grown.

Graphic design frameworks like; hierarchy, typography, grid, and rhythm are pollinating across disciplines — sowing seeds within the vocabulary of development.

Designer and developer are not mutually exclusive. Different designers utilize different media.

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