How to present your digital marketing strategy to the board

56% of you have not done their job properly.

Fortune recently wrote thatonly 44% of business leaders indicated that they work for companies where digital disruption is a board-level concern.”

With over 30% of the marketing spend now going to digital and with up to 50% of sales (for some categories) coming from online, it should be a pretty important topic, right?

But it won’t change if the digital leaders do not know how to present their strategy to the board, let alone sell it.

So here’s a little trick to take action. It won’t tell you what to do (I assume you know that), it is a suggestion on how to present what you want to do and get buy in. It may look deceptively simple but you’d be surprised how efficient it is.

Please don’t talk about digital

Leave your digital jargon at the boardroom door. The only thing that you need to focus on is for your story to be clear, concise and how it can positively impact the business.

You’re not coming to talk about digital but about how people navigate digital. It’s about their journey as consumers or shoppers. A third of them now access digital on mobile first and they check over 20 different online sources before they buy your brand. Whether they eventually purchase online or offline doesn’t matter.

The strategy in 5 steps

For your brand, the digital space raises new challenges: it’s non linear and people can drop in or out at any point in time. But never forget it’s a journey you’re talking about, not individual touchpoints. Everything is connected.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. It’s happening on mobile now. Throw away your desktop UI thinking.
  2. You want your brand to be found: if you suck at search, you simply don’t exist in 2016.
  3. You want your brand to be preferred & recommended: in an increasingly competitive field, positive word of mouth is the most persuasive weapon, whether it comes from consumers or professionals. Social and CRM must be combined to get there.
  4. You want your brand to be bought: this goes without saying, but the winners of tomorrow will be those who know how to combine digital and offline to drive sales. That’s what omnichannel is all about.
  5. You want to measure all this: there’s no way around carefully chosen analytics to measure yourself, improve and start the journey again.

Now go book this meeting with the board, build up your story and join the ever growing community of companies for which digital is a true concern at top level.

Finally and most importantly: once you have the green light, make it happen! (because as always, the proof is in the execution).

TODAY//HOW TO is a collection of mobile-friendly thought pieces demystifying Digital Marketing for Board-level Executives.
This article was initially published on LinkedIn Pulse.