The First Full Month of the Battle for Mosul Killed Hundreds of Civilians
War Is Boring

Why don’t we hear about this??? Why is not everyone screaming “butcher US, butcher Iraqis, human rights violations, deliberate attacks against civilians”? 
Where are “humanitarian pauses” and endless pointless cease fires?
What is really going on here? What is different about this and Aleppo?
“ The air strike targeted ISIS, which had commandeered a medical clinic in the town of Hammam Al Alil.” — I see what you did here. So deliberately targeting “medical clinic” (I see why it suddenly isn’t called le hospital) is what? Collateral damage or crime against humanity?

I don’t have anything against this article — It’s actually quite good, and much better than articles from the other city. And that is, sadly, my point. Why is this article here? Is it not true, that a text like this is OK when it’s about Mosul, but we can’t find anything like this about “the other city”? Why is there such a difference in attitude between articles about the former and articles about the latter?

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