How I would market the WWE Network.

Or.. how I learned to stop lamenting the current awful ads for the WWE Network.

First things first; the WWE Network is an absolute bargain for $9.99/mo.

Let’s focus only on the fact that the Network itself streams their monthly $60 Pay Per Views(PPVs). If you only ever bought their big four shows, or even just two, subscribing to the Network is an absolute no-brainer. You can watch it on your Roku, Xbox, Playstation, Roku, AppleTV, TV, computer, phone, tablet, you name it.

The problem is that the commercials I’ve seen for the Network are dreadful. The next WWE PPV is called Fastlane and the video is just wrestlers walking towards the camera, a quick mention that it’s available on the WWE Network and that’s that. How do I get the Network? What is the Network? Do I call my cable provider? Oh, it’s an app? So I can only use my phone? Why would I do that? None of these questions are answered.

I do realize the WWE budget for making these ads is super small, and may actually be $0. However, if I was in charge, the below are the commercials I would make to run on television and YouTube.

AD #1 — TV at home
Three friends in their 20's or 30's laughing and talking and arguing about tonight’s PPV opening the door to their apartment. One friend puts a pizza in the oven, the other takes a 6-pack (or Mountain Dew) out of the bag and puts them onto the coffee table in front of the TV. The final friend powers on the Xbox, TV, and opens the WWE app and begins streaming the PPV as they all sit on the couch together.

(Fade to black, crowd erupts into cheers, WWE NETWORK LOGO)

AD #2 — Tablet at home
A young woman parks her car, runs towards her front door and frantically powers into the living room, only to find her husband playing Xbox with his friends taking up the entire space. “That’s tonight??” she yells. One of her husband’s friends enters the room with oven mitts, and suggest’s she not go into the kitchen. She attemps to play it cool, trying not to make eye contact with anyone, and walks backward into the bathroom. She sits on the toilet/or in the bathtub and retrieves her tablet from her backpack, powers on the WWE app to stream the PPV. She sighs happily.

(Fade to black, crowd erupts into cheers, WWE NETWORK LOGO)

AD #3 — Phone anywhere
A middle aged man is walking and talking on his phone, upset that he had to stop and pick up dinner on the way home. “I know, but I just don’t want to miss the show! Yeah, I can get cheese balls.” He hands up and gets to the supermarket which shifts into a montage of him getting every item he needs. He gets to Checkout and realizes there is a long line. He lays his phone on the front of his cart and the WWE PPV begins to play. He nods contently and tries to high 5 the man next to him in line. No high 5 is given.

(Fade to black, crowd erupts into cheers, WWE NETWORK LOGO)

Mind you WWE, I would happily film myself for some front row tickets, I would highlight specifically watching the biggest show of the month, wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted. The large catalog of classic shows is a huge boon to the Network, but not what I would push in these first wave of shows.

You don’t want your core demographic spending $60 on a PPV at home, or even going to the bar to watch with a large group. You want them realizing how simple it is to use the WWE Network at home, at a supermarket, or even on a toilet by themselves.