New Arrival

Oh, downy hills;

Oh, frosted tree limbs;

Oh, blanketed houses;

Oh, glistening lawns;

Oh, bright canopy of stars;

Oh, crisp, clean air;

Oh, magnificent paradise;

Oh, delicious splendor;

How great thou art!

Sparkling rivers and lakes;

Blustery wind;

Picturesque forest;

Brightly gleaming fields;

Unbeatable beauty;

Unrivaled delight;

Nature’s outstanding majesty.

A new cycle beckons;

Filled with concepts yet be explored;

Replete with adventures yet to be lived;

Covered with roads as yet untraveled;

With opportunities yet to be grabbed;

Places yet to be seen;

People yet to be encountered.

You entered so grandly, yet, quietly;

One evening, you arrived;

Laying your blanket down;

Over time, its thickness grown;

Sparkling like sequins;

Favourite stuff for penguins;

Wintery bliss.

Your tenure dark and light;

Your blanket reflecting bright;

The luminous lunar effect;

And stellar rays;

Until night yields to longer days;

Welcome back!