18 years old, I have these “lofty” career goals. 18 years old, have not had one official job yet, but I am going to give up the esteemed college experience. For what? What could be comparable in this economy? A love for “beauty”, but it’s not just looking good, it’s being creative. It is coloring, changing, tweaking in ways that are all reversible. It is serving people in direct ways while still interacting. It’s what I have loved since I discovered it. Let God’s will be done, not my will, whether this works out or not. I know that God gave me this passion and interest in this for a reason. I just do not have that with teaching. Wouldn’t it be great to do a job I look forward to everyday? I have this opportunity to make a living out of my hobby. Maybe, it does not end up being successful, maybe I end up barely making enough to pay rent, but I would still be happy with what I was doing. Because I love it, with or without money. It’s crazy, yes, but 18 years old, I have this chance to pursue this “dream” job that does not seem so far away anymore. I will not idolize it, but I know that I suit this. Am I talented? I don’t know yet, but I should try, because I know the work ethic is there, the drive is there. Because when I look at it, I don’t think the person making minimum wage cleaning bathrooms is any less happy than the CEO of a bank if they really do enjoy what they are doing and has a good attitude towards it. It’s weird; it’s different, yes but I did not know I would grow up to have this interest. So despite what “good” grades or “potential” I have in schooling, in college, I believe that I’m not throwing away anything. There is no reputation to throw away, because I do not see the reputation difference between a low end job person and a high end job. Are you really much more worthy? Are all rich people really just THAT much happier? Hardworking is good, so is it really the certain profession that guarantees success. Strive for good for the glory of God. That does not just have to be in academics of college, but in other education too. I’m thankful to have experienced this semester. I’m thankful to have had the realizations I did have. I’m thankful for all the people I have met. I’m thankful for this opportunity to make a career of something I’m really into. So call me crazy, because I may be a little, if I did not have a passion for this field. God, lead me.

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