Beating Antiquity, Part 1. (aka, “Aging”, fiction)

Year 2021— The anti-aging serum, dubbed the Antiquity Vaccine, is developed after only a couple of years of research and unsanctioned testing on animals, and eventually, humans. All research is done in secret, as not to upset the masses…or cause too much pressure due to over-demand. First human trials are done on one man and one woman. The man dies. The woman lives.

Year 2035 — Real marketing begins for the serum, but people are told it won’t be available for many years to come, and that testing is only being done on animals at this stage. The vaccine has been given to humans in secret, only to those who are wealthy, but specifically not celebrity status. Many die due to adverse reactions, some quickly, some within months, but the deaths are covered up, as this is still in the testing phase. Family members are promised free vaccines when the testing phase is done. None tested prior to this portion of time live more than 3 years, as the vaccine is set to eventually, and very suddenly, stop cell regeneration, but this action is tending to happen much, much too early.

Year 2062 — Testing finally starts to go well, and the first public trials are done. Media is encouraged to participate on reporting results. Results are overwhelmingly positive. The vaccine is proven to extend healthy life to an average expectancy of 90+ years, while keeping the cell regeneration and “visual age” of the person at the same rate and appearance as the day they took the vaccine. It is noted that the body can still change, but cell regeneration stays at the same rate until the body is ready to die, where this regeneration is disabled completely, and the person dies of “old age” within days of the vaccine’s end.

Year 2098 — Nearly every person gets the Antiquity Vaccine in their 20’s. Age is now only a number, once a human is an adult. Average life expectancy has become nearly 100 years. Groups have formed that deny the vaccine, opting to not replace the “beauty and innocence” of natural life, however, these groups become smaller as time goes on. The world is full of young, healthy people. Couples generally do not have more than one child, as population issues have skyrocketed. Many children are even given up for voluntary scientific testing or organ donation.

All original testing subjects of the Antiquity Vaccine prior to approximately the year 2045 have died due to complications with early versions of the vaccine. All except one. This is her story.

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