With more than sixty five percent of Australian households home to a pet, one of the highest rates in the world, there’s no doubt we’re a country of dog lovers.

And also there’s also no doubt that we see them as a memeber of the family rather than just a dog, with a study by PIA Australia showing that only 15 percent of canine owners would reduce spending on their dogs if their income fell.

The report also showed that before reducing on their pooch’s expenses, 45 percent of dog owners would look at ways to lower their energy consumption; forty nine percent would reduce their own essentials, thirty four percent would use much cheaper products and 17 percent would ever consider getting a second job.

So, it doesn’t matter how you look at it, family pets are big business, and small companies are cashing in. Gone are the days of feeding your pooch 50 cent cans of chicken, or throwing your pooch a dried up bone as a treat.

The last few years has seen an entire new kind of small companies stocking, dog clothes, dog spas, and even high-end pet accessories.

One such extravagant store is Melbourne small business, Tech Jek. An online-only store, Tech Jek has a range of designer dog collars for your four-legged friends including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more!. They also have high-tech pet supplies such as LED dog collars, GPS tracking gadgets, and no-stink water-proof collars.

And the pet market keeps on expanding too, from basic and handy items such as balls, slow feeding bowls, and rainproof crates, to the downright excessive; a $2000 18K gold-thread dog collar; Swarovski crystal leads that can cost up to $900, Roberto Cavalli-designed pooch clothes and $100 bottles of doggy perfume called Hot Pooch.

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