A Fallen Leaf of Love

Photo credit, Pexels, Josh Willnick

Photo of me in kindergarten, two years after my father’s death.

Just a small leaf of love

Overcame her father’s death

Three years over layered

Feelings of love never diminished

And she lived long past his 23 years

Whilst the three years of love

Sustained her , her secret

Inexplicable to those

Who only saw tragedy

She saw the secret of eternity

Mocked by the short spark of life

Intensifying impermanence

To remind her to live

The life given to her

Full of purpose beyond

Human understanding

And three years of love

Could cover all of time

And all reason of life’s fulfillment

Was fatalistic and destiny

Impossible for a three year old

To explain reason , a strange gift

When she taught herself

To ride a bike before

Knowing how to use the Brakes.

Originally published at cowbird.com.

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