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After the Apocalypse

“ Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. “. Edmund Burke

After the world wars ended , there were only 500 million people living on the earth. ( this was the world population in 1650 ) In addition to nuclear wars , biological weapons, scorched earth from arsonist fires , Mother Nature had her final revenge on the ravaging of her resources by the overpopulation of her earth. All the peoples of the earth had descended to barbarians fighting each other pitting family members against each other. It was right verses left in the political arena so brothers and sisters waged war on each other killing those within their own families. Other sects tried to take advantage of these familial wars.

Mother Nature flooded all the coastlines of the world which wiped out all the major populations that lived in all the great cities of the world. Since man and woman kind were so destructive and the natural balance of her rules were transgressed , fungal , viral , and bacterial infections were introduced. Humans had no medicine to combat these infections since they had made themselves vulnerable by overusing antibiotics by feeding them to their livestock. Humans had tinkered with DNA and created new bastardized GMOs to try and feed the overpopulated world.

Religious and ideological wars reigned supreme. The people became avaricious within their clans and began to produce as many children as they could to outbreed each other on the orders of their priests.

Blood flowed like rivers and diseases took most of the children. Solar flares from the sun eradicated all technology and communications. The world of people was plunged into the dark ages.

When it was all over , natural selection dictated who survived just as Darwin would have predicted. Isolated tribal states evolved. The only religion was Nature Worship. Gradually , the earth returned her bounty. The people were immune to radiation, and infections and lived off the land of the true recovering mother. The people were all one , no more warring , only trade connected them. Peace prevailed amongst the humans. Mother Nature smiled upon them.

The remaining peoples used oral history to tell the story of when people became a pestilence on the earth. This was a warning and a reminder that must never be forgotten, but gradually the lessons would die because human ego had not been conquered. Until then , life on earth would be peaceful and in balance with the true Queen.

  • ( world population forecasts are between 9.3 and 12.6 billion by 2100 )

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