desert by Hannah Miller

  • Travel the back road into solitude where
  • Thousands of seeds lie dormant
  • Waiting , waiting endlessly for the rain
  • Which will spring the rusty key and
  • Sprout them into impossible being
  • From the light sandy floor
  • Craving the silence, you wait
  • To hear your own barren thoughts emerge
  • The wind comes to carry your inner voice
  • To tell you what you cannot say
  • But lies dormant waiting within
  • Your stony heart, softened now
  • The mountain reminds you of
  • Your sleeping power
  • How you stood before drought, and sorrow
  • And blossomed after the tears fell
  • Each time more gnarly, more beauteous
  • In defiance , out of the suppression…..
  • You’ve traveled this road before

( photo by hannah miller )

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