Home to Nova Scotia

  • Spring cometh, but I resist
  • Fallen still in winter’s grip
  • Cocooned in a heavy black cloak
  • Undress me down to my naked skin
  • To feel weak sun upon my limbs
  • Birdsong will awaken me and
  • Shake off the recent dreary past
  • Turning imagined fears into dreams
  • Tiny green buds sprout from myself
  • Open and unfurling , I stretch my spine
  • Time to walk down the old country road
  • That leads to the sea , the surf on the shore
  • The tiny shack in the woods , it waits for me. . . .
  • ( photos Liverpool, Nova Scotia ) ( house for sale $ 44,000 )
  • February 19, 2016.

Originally published at cowbird.com.

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