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In the Green Gloaming

iphoto by me ( c )

Here in this sky vaulted temple , let us worship

This peace that befalls us , non- judging nature

Know this green deep moss after the winter rains

The trees that tower , reach , creak , and bend

The smell of damp earth turned over by the dog digging

See the spring wild flowers, observe the palette

Mainly blue , yellow, and white only can compete with this green

Learn their names ; I name them for you again and again

Like a hymn , incantatory; all things botanical , little miracles

Becoming rare or perhaps not ; for there are little lessons here

In the green gloaming , replenishing , all in majestic order

I pray nature wins ; my faith unwavering, this is real to me

We stand to leave facing west , your little finger points

You say , “ sun “ as you glimpse it setting , a primitive little man.

( spring wild flowers in the rainforest, photos by me )

Yellow : Oregon Grape , mahonia nervosa

White : Siberian Miners Lettuce , claytonia sibirica

Blue : Naked Broomrake , orobanche uniflora

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