Life Clutter

Life’s clutter is threatening to overtake me. I am not talking about things, but for various reasons, I hold my breath. Emotional clutter has overtaken me and I turn my back on things. The past. present. and future are colliding and congealing, leaving and piling detritus on top of detritus. Old rules, new rules. When writing, leave just one space after each sentence. Magnify that in years and change and adapt your values accordingly. The years pile up without time to sort. Just keep going onto the next event. I am running toward the past into this moment, and crashing into the future. The memories that I am holding are falling from my arms as I run. I have no time to gather them up again. They will catch up, maybe. Who cares?

Leave this cave in all it’s decrepitude. Return later to this chaos at the edge of a wood. It holds all my loves and sorrows .

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