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Ode to a Rainforest

News to me: The rainforest behind my house is coming down. Now, that is not big news to anyone but me at the moment and a few of my neighbours. I am consoling myself by playing the music of “ Heart of the Forest “ by the Baka forest People. Wonderful music. I am on vacation so I get to supervise. The Big Yellow Earth Mover is surprisingly agile as it moves through the Cedars, Fir, alder and ( my favourite tree ) the Arbutus ( strawberry tree ). The “Spanish Babe”. The arbutus is endangered here. It looks like it is related to the Rhododendron. It is a startlingly beautiful tree brought here by the Spaniards — that sexy race.

The sound of the “Cat” is impossible to ignore but the sound of the “Crack” of the little trees that are pushed over is more demanding. My view of the water and the city is opening up as is the sound of the city. The resident Owl is annoyed. He was on my oak tree last night at 2 in the morning hooting his disapproval that his hunting grounds were being destroyed. He is my ally in all that is happening.

The cat operator told me today that “Yes, he did see quail today that were disturbed by his Cat. The quail, the bunny rabbits, the birds are fleeing but the owl will stay awhile as his view is improved. He cleaned up my squirrel problem last year ( another story ). Thank you Mr Owl. The birds will adapt. The pheasants left years ago. They are like roosters in the morning — they rooste and crow in the dawn. Like a good day waking up in Mexico.

That’s a quote;

I said to Dawn — Be Sudden To Dusk — Be Soon

Francis Thompson


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