• Janet walked through the kitchen and out onto the deck. After the hectic family activities of the day , she found herself alone. She was there with her husband, Alphonse at the home of his cousin , Anne and her second husband George. Anne’s brother , Henry and his wife Nancy were also visiting.
  • All three cousins were on their second marriages and balancing the politics of blended families. Janet was feeling depleted as she navigated through the issues and charges of enablement of the children of the three cousins. The cousins were dynamic and successful in business, the arts , and knew how to play.
  • Janet sat looking out over the lake to savor the setting. Swallows darted through the sky like little arrows in acrobatic flight. A gaggle of geese navigated on the water to their evening roosting site now that the lake was quieting down from human activity. An osprey flew by , wings flapping madly while the large fish valiantly fought her efforts. She was heading to a tall tree nearby. The waves gently lapped in a hypnotic rhythm. The hot sun was setting so she pulled down the blind slightly.
  • Janet thought that a little 1950s shack on this lake would satisfy her desires. She smiled to herself as she realized that was an impossible dream today. She knew that it was still possible in Nova Scotia and that was a long shot. What about her husband and her children?
  • She allowed herself the dream for a moment longer. The two novels she had started wanted a quiet solitude where she could research and let her imagination soar. Just like the osprey with the big fish , she was in danger of drowning. . . .
  • ( photo on Okanagan Lake , BC, Canada by hannah miller )

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