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The signal to jump was given, altitude 10,000 feet

She launched herself into the sky

Arm and legs outspread into wings and tail

Wind roared past her ears

Her bird eyes looked at the earth below

Remote and distant, an abstract painting

Her outstretched arms turned her body with miraculous ease

Just like she imagined when as a kid she pretended to fly

While running with airplane wings

She was flying through the air

She was really flying, flying with only her body

Through the sky with exhilaration and joy

Leaving her earth bound woes behind

Mere seconds of all eternity to 5,000 feet

She pulled the ripcord and held her breath to listen

To hear the flap, then yes, the flap, flap,flapping

The chute opened fully, she looked up to check, reassured

Now drifting, no sound at all, none

Absolute silence she had never heard before

She floated down down down

So gently - so gently to earth.

( photo taken by me from a glider plane )

(The jump was symbolic during a difficult period in my life )

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