VEIAG is an international organization which is working for the implementation and development of the value-based business ideas all over the world. VEIAG is integrating its operations and strategies into the global principles of human rights, labor, anti-corruption, and environment. The platform strives to promote the action of the society to develop an environment in which people can contribute in the stable development projects.

VEIAG has an aim to promote sustainable economic growth for development and growth of the communities. It will also help the people to pursue their dreams and get the new opportunities. This platform strives to enable economic empowerment, poverty eradication, and environment strengthens ship. By working on the highlighted unsustainable development goals,it wants to resolve the international challenges. It will also use the responsible and innovative business operations at the center of economic growth.


i. VEIAG ACADEMIA: To develop a comfortable environment in which educators, investors, and guild members will gain access to extensive knowledge, this platform is also offering access to several practical tools to help the learners to adopt a practical solution to many relevant problems in their community

ii VEIAG VIRTUAL ACADEMY: To strengthen the personal learning skills, VEIAG virtual academy is providing instructional videos, exercises and live online classes in various topics i.e. investment, economics, business. finance, the standard of ethical psychology and its rules. The people can share their opinions and can have a deep discussion on an innovative idea.

iii RESEARCH INSTITUTE: VEIAG research institute is different from the virtual academy. It is specially developed for the search of the advance investment strategies and business ideas. The members can ensure their full participation by providing input personally or virtually. The projects will be implemented after proposing and assessing. The main goal of this component is to maintain a high standard of advancement and VEIAG community.

VEIAG guild is a community which includes the VEIAG leader team along with the people with the same outlook. There is a large number of sub communities who manage all the things from application process and academia to implementation and development of the strategies for advance business projects.
VEIAG guild deals with every problem from real estate purchases to business ventures and acceptance of new candidates. But the consensus model demands the participation of every guild member in daily operations in the organization. All the token holders are the part of VEIAG community and they can contact by using the chatting feature on the platform.

These are some rights which are provided to the VEIAG token holders.
1. They can apply for guild membership.
2. They can offer new business ideas and ventures.
3. They can participate in different sessions of VEIAG academy classes on any current topic.
4. They can attend the annual VEIAG summit to discuss the new business plans.
How to become a member of VEIAG guild?
The contributor should completely be vetted by the recent leader team to get the membership of VIEAG guild. The participating member has to follow a complex application process, demonstrate their commitment to promote the advance research and confirm their participation as a leading professor in the respective department.
The guild is looking for a person who actively participates in the discussion and understands the community relation for the consistent assessment. Each new participant becomes a member of a research institute to interact with the education and business.

VEIAG guild is the programmatic platform to promote the business and education, so the members are expected to act socially, respectfully and mindfully on each matter.

CATALYST: VEIAG platform will support and catalyze the innovative businesses, value-based projects, its solution, and maintenance.
1. TRANSPARENT MANAGEMENT: To encourage a stable ecosystem, VEIAG will launch a transparent management system which developed on the communal social base.
2. TRANSPARENT AND ETHICAL PROFITS: By using the transparent and ethical profits, VEIAG will increase the token holder relation, strengthen the supply chain, increase the project sustainability value and recognize the advance business opportunities and improve the social responsibility.
3. STABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY: With the introduction of real-time gold-backed, VEIAG will create transparency and stability in the growing crypto market.
Physical and Tangible value: By providing an exceptional level of security, VEIAG will give tangible and physical value to the token holders on their holding.
4. GOLD BILLION: With the allocation of 25% from the organizational profit, VEIAG will give a continuous stream of earning to the token holders.
The Sustainable Development Goals Of VEIAG
VEIAG is working to gain these goals in near future i.e. zero hunger, no poverty, quality education, good and well-being, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, required inequalities, decent work and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, climate action, life on land and partnership for the goals.

VEIAG is utilizing the VEIAG token which is running on the Ethereum blockchain. Due to the secure blockchain protocol, the users can do the transaction without any fraud.
In conclusion, VEIAG has an aim to promote the transparent investment & transaction and allow the business ventures to work for the maintenance of the planet by offering the services and good for the development of the community which is linked with small-scale businesses. VEIAG is a community of experts who want to gain knowledge and advice from other experts. If you are interested in future-oriented crypto plans then visit VEIAG site for further information.

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