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I agree that this could look bad. But has anyone stopped to ask the question why was he walking back to his vehicle with an officer instructing him not to? If someone, ANYONE is pointing a gun at you why would you do the opposite of their instructions? Has anyone considered what he did or said that concerned the officer enough to draw her gun? From the video I saw he didn’t follow instructions and was so set on getting back inside his vehicle that it cost him his life. You have to ask the question what was so important in that car that you ignore someone pointing a gun at you telling you to stop. What was he going to retrieve… a gun, knife, bat, licenses, registration? Here’s my suggestion, if you scare someone (anyone) bad enough they point a gun at you, don’t continue to scare them to the point they shoot you. The officer may be completely in the wrong but give her the benefit of the doubt until she’s proven guilty. We afford criminals that basic luxury.

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