#GivingTuesday Is Here

Make a list, check it twice, then give!

Sloane Davidson
3 min readDec 3, 2013


Happy Giving Tuesday! What you say? That’s right, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is a new — and dare I say better — way to get into the spirit of the holidays and that is through Giving Tuesday.

In its second year, Giving Tuesday is a day to support causes you care about. I’ve proudly been a social media ambassador both years and this is a day that hopefully will create an boost in donations to nonprofits the way that Black Friday and Cyber Monday show a boost in retail sales.

Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself a philanthropist, today is a day about giving what you can. No labels. No judgement. Just give.

If you already have a favorite nonprofit that you support you might have received an email from them showing how you can support their efforts today or seen them posting about it on social media. Regardless, here are three quick ways you can get involved right now and make donations today to support Giving Tuesday.

Get in the spirit! Make a list of nonprofits you’d like to support.

Where have you given in the past? Sit and make a quick list if you don’t have one already. I have a spreadsheet I keep in a Google Doc — it’s really easy, I add to it every time I make a donation. I determine roughly how much I’m going to give for the year ahead and how much I’m going to give to each category and sub-category.

For example, here are 7 categories from my list:

  • Personal history — this includes my alma maters (elementary school, high school, college).
  • Places I’ve lived — previous cities I lived in and nonprofits I still support there like Heal The Bay in Los Angeles and Roots of Music and St. Bernard Project in New Orleans.
  • My current city — I live in NYC so I look to organizations that support the community I’m in: ASPCA, Robin Hood, Step Up Women’s Network and Stoked.
  • My favorite cultural activities — I’m a big culture person and drive more by experiences than things so I think it’s important to support those places that give me so much joy throughout the year like This American Life, NPR, New York Public Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art.
  • Global giving — These include charities around the world I support in my key areas of empowering women and girls through financial literacy, education and maternal health like Kiva, She’s The First, The Adventure Project, Resolve Network and Glory Reborn.
  • Supporting friends — I added a new category two years ago because I felt like I was increasingly giving to causes that are important but are not my main priority but I wanted to support friends who were running races and raising money or had other fundraisers.
  • Emergency Giving — Hurricane Sandy, Typhoon Haiyan…there are no shortage of places around the world where you can make a donation to support recover efforts.

How much can you give?

This is up to you. Do you have an idea in mind? Maybe you can give $1,000, or one months rent, or 1% of your annual take home pay. It’s up to you. Think of a stretch goal and how much you’ve given so far this year and then…

Go have fun…

Giving Tuesday should be fun. It’s about UNSELFIES and supporting causes that are impacting the global village we live in. From a nonprofit around the corner to one on the other side of the world get out there and show your support.

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Sloane Davidson

Founder and CEO of Hello Neighbor, a mentorship program helping to support and guide refugees in their new lives. https://www.helloneighbor.io/