Tapping On The Window of Production, with Style.

Every time I get stressed over a little something and what not, I like to sit submerged in warm water. It’s a very soothing stress reliever. I listen to my music with the screaming fan above me and sit in solitude. Sitting there, I am faced with myself and of course I have a pleasant conversation with myself winning all my arguments with everything pissing me off that day or, at least in that moment. The heat in my three story house doesn’t reach all the way to the top floor, making the white tiled room very chilly. After awhile of sitting, the water seems to freeze over making my body shake violently trying to stay warm. After being tired of shaking so much I drain the water about halfway and fill it back up with scorching hot water to balance out the other half of cold water. While sitting there I realize the drain also leaks a bit, the water slowly trickles down the pipes running to the basement to finally reach the septic tank.
As my mind is racing with arguments, the toilet talks to me, it’s words are said in a completely different language, using a frog like belch of course. I know it’s speaking to me, it grabbed my attention after all. From what I understand it says something along the lines of "shut the fuck up," in it’s frog belch sort of language.
Right at that moment, life hit me like a spit in the wind. I paused my music playing from my phone. My mind went blank for the first time during the entire session of sitting there and I finally felt at peace with the day. I’m not sure what eighth dimensional being was speaking to me using the toilet, but it worked. Like demons being blessed, my thoughts ran out the door.
Everything around me felt as if it were alive, exactly like me, all having their own role to play in this beautiful eternal production.
The fan above me, screaming, singing a beautiful pitch for entertainment. The drain drinking all the water so the spigot can play his part to give water. My phone blasting music, and the tile cold enough to freeze water. Everything around me was playing a very important role to collectively bring forth a beautiful masterpiece. In this sense I was playing the role of the observer. It was quite fun to experience all of this going on around me. Very fun indeed, almost like a game of I spy spotting out all the actors playing their parts and roles, I’m sure they have been training for that moment for awhile before it all happened.
As human beings we are also in this big production, playing our own part in it. In our daily lives we put on our different faces to show to the world. The funny thing is, we get to choose who we play and the role we take on for ourselves! It’s all fun and games in every moment of the production. All of us get to be the observer as well as play a part. We can sit back and play out our role in silence while seeing the chaos going on around us. Or we can also walk around on scene and do whatever we so please.

The music will shuffle through songs on it’s own. The light will stay on for as long as it needs. When on, the light will portray a scene for the observer to witness.
When I had the realization that a production was happening around me and chose to see the world in that way and play a part with, the thoughts in my head and all the stress left completely. This left me witnessing a new world and perception to mingle with. Running my imagination all over the place, I was the creator of my world and how I perceive its being. Only I get to choose where I go from this place I stand.
One of the great things looking back on that experience was that I didn’t go anywhere physically, or experience something new to give me this realization that I now posses for myself. All I did was choose to change the outlook from where I was sitting and see a new light. This realization that I talk about is within us all. It’s the known choice of wanting to do something different to change where we are at for the better. To leave the old perception for the better self. It’s the action behind the will. It’s the light within the darkness. You have the power to see new beauty, something that has not been touched by humans.
The only real seeking that we can do is seek through ourselves. We experience ourselves in different scenarios, moving constantly to the next part of ourselves. For example, when we eat, we are eating to feel a new satisfaction, the satisfaction of having something new to sit with for the next few hours until we eat again. This goes for everything that we do, we are seeking constantly in all situations for the new satisfaction to fulfill us. Wherever we will go we will always play a part of something. One minute you could be a stressed out whining human, the next minute you could be tripping out on life in potential that it sets for you.
Find the peace within yourself to sit in solitude each day trying to stay in the moment, seeing the beauty around you looking for the part that you play in the production. The original role that a human first played was to just be a human, hence human-being. This may be contradicting if you have to try to sit there and be in solitude. So, just do you and that’s the perfect role you could ever play.
To see the beauty outside, you must first see beauty within yourself.