How you are labelling your world?

“I was at the beach one day, seated at the dinning room, being consciously of my thoughts and breath. I was very aware of the movement of my attention and I was feeling a little bit sorrowful. I noticed this while I was looking the surroundings and I had this thought of… Can I change the way I’m perceiving my world? I decided to feel like I’m very glad and with a lot of joy and suddenly, with only a few seconds, I was enliven. I was at the same “physical” place but like in another lovely “dimension”. It seems like everything changed without a change at all!…”

We constantly live in a world were everyone is labeling things. Everything has a name or meaning. That guy is so “grumpy”, you are so “annoying”, this is a “terrific situation”, etc. Because of this, at some point, we are living around a “spider web” of concepts and labels about things. We live without being conscious of these things and we act like if it were true. It’s like we are living in a world with a ton of assumptions about things without noticing. Although this isn’t a problem, the trouble arises when we start to struggle against this assumptions forgetting that we made it. Nothing has a meaning by it owns, we are the one that label the world with “concepts” or “meaning”. Nevertheless, we can always reshape these labels/assumptions by a deliberate change in our attention and thoughts.

Sometimes the world we live in may be very untidy, with a lot of things going on that can makes us very stressful. So, being aware of the movement of our consciousness is first step to a conscious living. We can change how we see our world without changing at all! You start to see the same things in your daily life in a different way, your friends, family and even your boss! Everything starts to shape accord to yours assumptions, so choose them wisely. It is very important to stress that your world is going to shape by the way you look at it! Like the Heisenberg uncertainty principle that says “ … called the observer effect, which notes that measurements of certain systems cannot be made without affecting the systems, that is, without changing something in a system.” It is important to be aware of it so we can decide consciously what we want to experience in life.

Life is a game, and you decide how you want to live it. Finds the goals that propels you to live life at the fullest. Be aware of your labels and assumptions so you can change them, and choose the ones you will make you life great!

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