Destroy or preserve? Cultural artifacts of terror ideology.

Dear Massive Attack team,

On the 26/07/2018 I was attending Massive Attack concert in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Great show, top notch, thanks for coming. Really enjoyed it.

Your video sequence is another form of art, which bears great message of peace, unity and joint participation of our better future.

The way it is built visually and the way it is filled with ideas and how it develops through the show made me smile and happy. Love and belief were poured into myself and I am thankful for that.

However, many questions appeared. Some of them will take some time to digest and the results will come much later. You have planted many seeds right into my brain. I will nourish them and will try to use them to become a better person myself.

One of the questions is quite sharp and timely for me personally. As I am the small drop in the ocean which was a force behind the events.

Demolition of Lenin Statues across the Ukraine in 2014 and 2015.

These events were put in the same row as destroying libraries, universities, religious and historical artifacts around the globe and through time.

For me Lenin stays in the same row as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao. The people who used terror as the political tool to endorse their political will to other people. That is my opinion.

Historically the actions of Lenin led to the creation of USSR — the «prison of nations”.

Stalin who grew up to be one of the most known dictators of the world picked up his ideology. And he was in charge in the country that used the same ideology of terror and mass repressions, which led to even more deaths, wars, fear, pain and general world disintegration.

I understand the value of culture and the lessons we should carry out and the memory that should be there, with us, to save us from repeating mistakes of the past in the future.

Nevertheless, I want to understand where you draw the line between correcting the mistakes of bad ideology and preserving the culture artifacts.

I want to know your opinion of the boundaries of liberating movements. Should we preserve the monuments of terrorist only due to their cultural value? Alternatively, should we condemn the bearers of toxic ideologies and bury them into the unmarked graves, as it was done to the Nazi officials.

Your group seems to have invested a lot of time into the ideas of love and peace, sharing and caring. Hope your understanding and expertise will help me to understand this whole situation better or look at it from different angle and broaden my understanding of the world.

Thanks again for coming to Kyiv and pulling up a great show.

With love and best regards