“Winner winner, chicken dinner” or getting better at life with a PUBG game

My gaming experience has started a life ago in sometimes between 1995 and 1997 when my parents gifted me a Dendy console. Since that very moment video games were having a good chunk of my time and attention. I’ve played a lot of them, never actually stopped. After Dendy, my parents bought me a PC and it was a new era. Later in 1999 I got my first dial-up Internet. Was introduced to chats and forums. I got into internets Role playing games via MUDs, then was the age of Ultima Online. At that time, the world of internet gaming was not that big, but really amazing for a schoolboy. Dota, combats.ru, World of Warcraft. It piled up. And I’m not mentioning the offline ones, there’s just too many of them.


First it felt like knew.

The first-person shooter. Grab a gun, shot in the face. You know the drill.

It has its FPS offensive — pistols, knifes, rifles, shotguns, grenades.

It has its FPS defensive — helmets, armors, bandages and med kits.

But for some reason it felt new. Maybe because it is not an FPS, but a MOBA. And it has its own rules.

You start your game in the plane, along with other 99 men and women. The plane cracks open and you, drop with a parachute to land any place of 64 square kilometers of this lovely island of death.

The game is quite realistic in the means of damage. One shotgun shell will kill you dead. Your enemies, they are armed and dangerous, and you are vulnerable and soft. The car can run over you. You can drown. You can fall from a cliff and you can die out of the zone, — a circle which moves around the map to herd players to the place of the final battle. If you are out of the zone your hit points drop. The smaller the zone the faster it goes down. Thanks to this feature one game round does not last more than 35 minutes.

It’s pretty simply constructed, but it works nevertheless. It turns your survival mode on and your heart goes tick, tick, tick and boom.

It’s quite hard to be the last man standing and get your “Winner winner, chicken dinner” message. I got my first win only after 15 dozens of matches. But when you do — it just feels so good. Arms shaking, heart racing, waterfalls running down your armpits. And that feeling of success and feeling of being alive. I think it just gets really good along with your survivability instinct. This is a fraud of course, but it fells so real.

We’re living in the safest time of humanity and we often lack that drive. We have our stable life with lots of stress and lots of us are lacking the ways to get that healthy aggression out. Coping with the stress makes us sick and old, but living those emotions makes us better and stronger. We are humans, the animals with only a thin layer of culture separating us from other wild species. A fight is one of easy and obvious ways to get the aggression out. It’s our legacy and we can’t just throw it into the garbage bin and pretend it does not exist.

When you have won that the most important battle of last 30 minutes, is it a full win or just some random dude’s killing. You can feel your ancestors cheering in your veins. They are glad and happy for your success.

So, this is how you do it — you put your ‘well rested’ brain and body in front of your PC, launch a game and play. And this game can provide you with that 100% stamina boost like the most technologically advanced medicine in the whole game called ‘Adrenaline Syringe’. It does not last long, so be sure to apply that stamina and confidence to increase your wellbeing, and by wellbeing, I mean your actual life, not a PUBG rank, though it’s quite appealing.

More than a million people around the globe play this game now, though it is not even released. It’s one of the best now. Hope you could enjoy it too.

Have a good hunt and enjoy yourself, because you are worth it ;)