How Being Bitchy And Being Sarcastic Are Two Very Different Things

Apparently one of the first words that pops into people’s minds at the mention of my name is “sarcastic” (amongst “midget” and “omg her hair”).

Funnily enough, a friend once linked me an article on Facebook titled “19 things you should know before dating a sarcastic girl” with the comment “this goes for being friends with one too!”. I read it (out of curiosity) and couldn’t have agreed more with every single one of those 19 points.

Lets put it this way, if sarcasm was a language, I would be fluent in it. I’m not going to try and deny the fact I’m very sarcastic (to the point where people assume everything I say is sarcastic). However I have been told, on more than one occasion, that if some people didn’t know be better, I would come across as a right bitch.

Though I don’t see ‘bitch’ as an insult and I accept the fact I can be a complete bitch, it did get me thinking about why it appears that way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of person who cares what others think or say about me but I find it strange how sarcasm gets mistaken for a bitchy personality.

So lets try and explain this;

Firstly, okay fine, I half take back what I said about being mistaken for bitchiness but in all honesty, if you come to me with something stupid (like making toast being evidence that you’re now Jamie Oliver (this is a real-life example I promise) I will give you a sarcastic response. 110%. What else do you expect? It’s not bitchy, it’s just the truth! So really I’m being truthful. My mother always taught me to tell the truth. (Or I’m actually meaning to be rude because you are being completely dumb but obviously, I can’t be straight-out mean so I toned it down with a bit of sarcasm but at least it’s to your face and not behind your back - hey that’s another reason why sarcasm and bitchiness are different).

It’s won’t always be stupid things that get sarcastic comments though. Sometimes it might just be my humour. Sarcasm is a nature in itself, don’t try and define it as a characteristic. I could be trying to “bond” with you through sarcasm. (How do normal people have a joke with their friends without sarcasm being involved? Is that possible?). Look at it this way, at least sarcasm is funny. Being a bitch is not.(It’s not cool either, don’t be bitchy kids it gets you no where).

Let me also add, sarcasm is a developed talent, being bitchy is not. Anyone can be a bitch but not everyone can be sarcastic (I can name at least 10 people who are hopeless at sarcasm which I’m now using as proof for my statement). So to be sarcastic, you actually have to think about it whereas a bitchy comment doesn’t require any thought whatsoever.

I could go on about this tbh but this post may then become a 42 minute read…..So basically, long story short, being bitchy and being sarcastic are two very different things. End of.


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