Excellent work Aadita and once again it is left to a woman of colour to do the heavy lifting no one…
James Forbes

This student was an activist? Show us the evidence of that to support your point.

Perhaps I’m out of bounds to appeal to reason. It seems there is some emotional logic that I was not taught in my humanities studies.

I find Lindsay’s treatment chilling to say the least. That you and the author to whom you’re responding are adding to the vilification of this student, without shame but, instead, with an apparent sense righteousness, is boggling but not unfamiliar.

Not to suggest that it’s relevant, but to play the identity (or micro-identity) card that you appear to be receptive to, I’m a member of a Canadian First Nation who grew up in poverty and worked my way through college.

I can very much identify with Lindsay’s interest in pursuing University studies, not as some glorified vocational pursuit, but as a means to expand my intellect.

Like her, I would not have taken this counter-intellectual bullying lying down. My upbringing demanded that I have strength and not depend on aid from those who might have tokenized me for their own narcissistic satisfaction. Encountering these people, as I did, drove me steadily from their political orientation.

Lindsay has my sympathy, though I’m sure she doesn’t need it. She is certainly much more courageous than your comment suggests you are yourself.