Whew. Thank you.
Laura Hake

Few commenters have recognized or noted here that the commercial was based off a real world study on human nature. No apologies needed…

This is from the Guardian:

“The difference between the two is so vast as to resist comparison, says Tony Hale, an advertising industry head who has held senior roles at Clemenger BBDO. The people in the Worlds Apart clip are engaging and relatable; the role played by Heineken – as a friendly facilitator of difficult conversations – is relevant and unforced.”

The article’s author Elle Hunt adds: More broadly, the campaign will include a study led by Goldsmiths University on “the science of common ground”, and a bespoke Facebook Chatbot connecting people from diverse backgrounds. It is a partnership with The Human Library, “a unique not-for-profit organisation that uses conversation to challenge stereotypes”.

In addition Elle adds: the commercial’s production value suggests to Hale it’s part of a strategic, longer-term play for the brand, rather than a bid “to sell a few more cases of Heineken over the weekend”.


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