On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

You left out the issue of captive insurance in Vermont, an issue getting little attention outside of their local papers.

A former head of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association swoons… “There is maple syrup and skiing and cheddar cheese and… captive insurance. What more could you want from life?” Vermont’s had great success during Bernie’s tenure in attracting and providing a haven for (over 1,000) insurance captives which highlights the ways that American corporations in Vermont are allowed to minimize their tax bills by moving their profits, intellectual property, liabilities etc. to places that provide substantial tax advantages offshore through captive insurance schemes. And while other states in the US provide tax breaks and subsidies to companies that move or expand operations in-state, the benefits offered by Vermont are much greater, and are therefore offering far more provisions for supporting the “1%”. I’d be splashing that hypocrisy over the headlines.