Favorite Books of 2016 That I Only Read the First Few Chapters Of and Intend to Finish Eventually

That doesn’t make them any less great, right? I mean, if they are going to veer off so horribly from the path they’ve already begun to pave then wouldn’t that only make them better for taking on such a feat? Yeah, probably not but I can try to make that logic work so I don’t seem like such a jerk.

In no particular order…

  1. The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron) — The creative person’s playbook. My personal Infinite Jest because I’ve started it 45 times and then end up putting it back on my coffee table to use as a decorative conversation piece until I can attempt to commit to it again. It’s a book that makes me ask “Why am I like this?”
  2. Where Am I Now? (Mara Wilson) — I AM almost done with this one (if I have convinced you enough to believe that I can read) and it’s so lovely. It’s funny, nostalgic, heartbreaking and exactly what I had hoped it would be. It’s one of those books you rip through on an hour flight unless you are me and are a slow and dyslexic reader who has a tendency to try to make good things last forever.
  3. The Penny Collector (Stephen S. Nazarian) — I was traveling cross country from Boston to Colorado via train when this book found me. It was within the first 24 hours in the trip that my traveling partner (mom) and I made our way to the dining cart where, to my chagrin, the seat you with STRANGERS. We met our strangers and we ended up having a funny conversation about writing and work and the trio of turkey meatballs on that night’s list of “specials.” One of those strangers was Stephen Nazarian and after finding out that I was attempting to be a writer and comedian, he gifted me his book, The Penny Collector. Each chapter has it’s own life lesson and anecdote, and not in an annoying self-help way. It’s endearing and funny and “real.” My mom stole my hard copy of the book from me and it’s currently making the rounds with our family.
  4. Carry On, Warrior (Glennon Doyle Melton) — When I heard the title of this book on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons Podcast, I rolled my eyes expecting to hear another “soul-ebrity” misinterpret and misquote Lao Tzu, Ram Dass, or Rumi for their own personal agenda. However, when I listened to Glennon and Elizabeth make fun of themselves and the dumb things they’ve done in their lives, I rented Glennon’s book from the library because I like to babysit books for $40 a month when I forget to return them. I found out it wasn’t the fluffy memoir I thought it would be in the first few pages when we get introduced to some hard drugs, alcoholism, and eating disorders. The recipe for the perfect Behind the Music episode.
  5. Medical Medium (Anthony William) — I love anything to do with mediums and spirit communication and really anyone telling me what to do because I need structure. I’ve been off and on sick since June trying to figure out why eating food made me want to throw up and die. During a blood test evaluation, the doctor and I started talking about the usual stuff like a government conspiracy involving school lunches, how milk is probably poison, and speculating when the aliens might return. She had a lot of similar stomach issue as I did and she recommended the book Medical Medium. In it, I found out about the chaga mushroom and it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor properties. I thought those claims might be horseshit but when I did a little more research even the doctors in medical journals were like “shit, well I guess it really is all those things” (paraphrasing). Even if I don’t finish this one, at least I got something out of it that’ll last a lifetime and that is KNOWLEDGE unless I forget it in about 20minutes which is the case with many things I learn about.

Hooray! I’d love to hear about half read books that you would recommend. Maybe I’ll take the page number you left off at and read from that point until the end and tell you what happens.