Today, the gambling business is becoming very popular due to the introduction of innovative technologies. Many experts claim that this industry will continue to grow and become more prospective in the future. At a time when many market segments are having difficulties, iGaming is finding new opportunities to satisfy the needs of players all around the world. This has led to an increased number of people requesting information about a license for online games. To organize the full-fledged operation of an online casino, operators need to legalize it. …

Net Entertainment, the Swedish software house, leads top 1 position in terms of slot design and returns to player for today.

The developer offers 200+ online casino games, but which are the most popular NetEnt titles among players in 2019?

We at Slotegrator have picked out top 10 slots by NetEnt according to the slot rank provided by SlotCatalog is a modern advanced platform about slot games and reviewed them in more detail.


The number one is a pretty simple online slot called Stardust. It is a classic 5-reel online casino game with 10 paylines. The symbols in…

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Live dealer games is one of the most dynamic gambling directions. They make it possible to combine the advantages of online casinos and land-based gambling experience.

What are the key features of live casino games, how do they work and how to choose the quality live software for online casino, you’re welcome to find out below.

Live dealer vs. real dealer

Online casino operators started adding live dealer games to attract gamblers who do not want to play with a soulless code or doubt the randomness of random number generator.

But even the most devoted online gambler would not deny…

Promoting online casinos, as well as any other business, through blogging and traditional advertising only isn’t enough today. If you’re an online casino owner and you want to engage real players, promote it in a simple and non-trivial way. One of the most effective casino promotion ideas proven by many marketing studies is online casino streaming.

What is a marketing power of casino streams, are they that useful in practice as described and who are the “most wanted” streamers today? …

Affiliate or partner programs are part of the growing performance-based marketing used in a variety of different spheres, including online casino promotion. In 2019, the industry is on the threshold of another evolution: decentralization, big data, progressive AI is continuously recalibrating the affiliate marketing tools, as well as the whole idea of a professional environment.

So, which bricks you need to build in the foundation today to become a skilled affiliate-builder with better connections and channel growth, read on in this article.

Affiliate marketing: Brick by brick

Brick #1: Affiliate software

Any affiliate program is based on technology that drives…

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The payment system serves as a vital lifeline in an online casino. It is clear that payment services provide the flow of funds to gambling websites. With the help of online casino payment systems, players deposit money and withdraw winnings. Thus, apart from license and software, online casino reputation and profit also depend on the performance of payment systems offered to players.

In this material, I am going to answer the questions that I was asked as the head of sales at Slotegrator. These are how online payment services can influence online casino revenue, what to choose between conversion and…

It is difficult to say what is more important in online casinos: license or gaming content. Still, the gamblers come to online casinos to play games. Proper casino software is the key to success.

Today, we will talk about software providers for online casinos. After reading the article, you will learn which studio produces the ultimate online casino software in 2019. Which casino provider offers the best online slots. What games will give players the maximum immersion together with prime graphics and sophisticated math models.

Our experts of Slotegrator have prepared a compilation of the online casino content manufacturers that…

I bet that many gamblers have dreamt about opening a fancy online casino for once in their lives. And many online players frequently ask me a lot of gambling business-related questions. However, the oft-repeated is how to buy online casino software. Today, I’ll give it to you straight. Moreover, I’ll guide you how to buy the finest and money-making casino software for your new or existing gambling project.

You need to understand…

A word in your ear 一 quality of software decides how profitable and successful you gambling business will be. Today many websites offer scripted casino games at a…

Online casino operators licensed by UK Gambling Commission and their players have no longer go to the court to resolve any gambling-related issues.

The UK Gambling Commission unveiled new rules on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes concerning the gambling industry. What is ADR in the gambling sector, how to become an ADR provider, what are the benefits of using ADR and are there any penalties for non-compliance? Let’s take a closer look at all the details in this material.

What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a way of eliminating disputes that does not involve going to a court.

Online gambling being quite a lucrative business attracts more and more businesspeople. However, there are some unscrupulous ones among them using online gambling to launder money or to sponsor terrorism. So, how current legislative power is combating the issues with the Anti-Money Laundering Directives and how to fit with their requirements to keep your online casino afloat?

Online casinos as money “laundries”

Actively evolving technologies enhance online gambling opportunities
and make such games easily accessible. This has dramatically increased the number of gambling websites, and consequently, amounts of cold hard cash circulating in the sector. …


Slotegrator is a vendor and software developer for online casinos. The company mission is to create new leaders of the iGaming industry.

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