How to choose games for your online casino?

The IGaming industry online is considered one of the most lucrative and attractive industries for business as most gambling fans are switching to online casinos. And this is not surprising because the Internet has penetrated all areas of our daily life and the gambling industry is no exception. Nowadays, online casinos include all possible types of games, so players do not need to visit a land-based casino to play their favorite gambling games. All that a user needs is access to the Internet and enter the online casino from his computer or mobile device.

Advantages of online casinos

Today, online gambling platforms have much more advantages than land-based casinos. We have highlighted some of them:

  • Availability 24/7
  • The ability to play for free and without registration
  • The ability to play from different devices
  • Ability to choose different types of games

The last point, most of all, attracts users of gambling platforms. That’s why owners of online casinos must provide their users with as many games as possible to make their sites popular. The more diverse the selection of games on your platform, the more players you will attract.

We have chosen the best games for online casinos that you should definitely purchase for your gambling platform.

Buy slots for your online casino

The most famous and popular entertainment group among gambling games is slot machines. Slot machines attract users with their simple rules of the game. One of the most significant advantages of this game is the huge and varied selection of online slot machines. This category of games may include slots with three reels and a minimum number of symbols, as well as slots with a playing field of 5,7 and 9 reels. It should be noted that slots with an odd number of reels are very rare.

Types of slot machines

  • Multi-coin/multi-line
  • Multi-line
  • Buy-a-pays
  • Hidden buy-a-pays
  • Straight multipliers
  • Bonus multipliers
  • Progressives
  • Combination slots


Today, roulette is a very popular game among online casino users. The essence of this game is straightforward. All the players need to do is predict the winning number and place a bet on it. The huge advantage of this game is that the virtual casino visitors are provided with several types of roulette, which significantly increases the chance of winning.

What types of roulettes should you buy for your casino?

Currently, there are three main types of roulette available in online casinos, which you can also find in land-based casinos:

  • European
  • French
  • American

Open your poker room at White Label Casino

If you are the owner of White Label Casino, you can open your own poker room.

Card games will definitely draw users’ attention to your gaming platform. The great advantage of online card games is that they are able to satisfy any player with different financial capabilities.

Types of card games

  • Poker is one of the most popular and favorite card games among online casino users. The aim of this game is to win the bet. The players of the game need to collect the highest poker combination of 4, 2, or 5 cards or force all opponents to stop participating in the game. Today, there are many types of poker in online casinos, so the rules of the game may differ.
  • Baccarat — This game is also called “Punto Banco,” as any of the players has the opportunity to place a bet on who will win the game — a panther or a banker. The panthers and bankers receive two cards. Then the players decide whether to take another card or not. It depends on what cards they got.
  • Blackjack — the goal of the game is for the player to get as many points as possible. However, the maximum combination in this game is 21 points, so if one of the players gets more points, he will automatically lose.


Craps is a simple and attractive game. This game is much easier to play in an online casino than in land-based casinos. Players don’t need to worry about game customization. All you need to do is just a few mouse clicks. This type of game has its fans, so if your online casino has not included this game yet, you should purchase it.

Types of Craps:

  • Open Craps
  • High Point Craps
  • Simplified Craps
  • New York Craps


The lottery is a type of gambling game, the winning result of which is determined by a random set of numbers or a random selection of one number. As a rule, it enjoys very high confidence among the players as the winnings’ results cannot be faked. And also, online lotteries are very easy to use, as players can play this game worldwide.

Types of Lotteries:

  • Instant lotteries
  • Bingo
  • Keno

Buy games with live dealers for your online casino

This type of game is in great demand worldwide and is becoming more and more popular. Live dealer games attract their users with a variety of game content and the ability to interact with real people. Live games provide players with excellent sound and graphics quality. Therefore, the players get the impression that they are in a real casino.


  • The ability for users to play 24/7 without leaving home.
  • Dealers offer a wide variety of games.
  • Live dealer games are in great demand and bring operators a lot of profit.


In order to create a full-fledged online casino, operators need to fill their platform with high-quality gaming content. But for this, you need to choose a reliable game provider. You have to pay attention to what marketing tools the developer offers because this is very important for the successful promotion of your business. If you want to attract as many players as possible to your platform, offer them various bonuses. Finally, do not forget that the more variety of the games you have at your online casino, the more it will be in demand among users.



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