How to launch an online casino in India?

Launching an online casino is very challenging, but, at the same time, the gambling industry is considered a lucrative business. The first problem that owners of gambling businesses face is the selection of jurisdiction as some countries restrict this kind of business or even prohibit it. Thus, it is crucial to find a suitable place where you can run your online casino. India is considered such a place, and many operators are very interested in opening their gambling business in this region. India is an attractive place for the gambling industry. However, you might find it is complicated to start an online casino due to the way of gambling laws in India. Therefore, we decide to provide you all the necessary information about starting an online casino in India.

Legalization of Gambling Business in India

Gambling in India varies state by state. This is due to the fact that states in India have the right to regulate their own laws for gambling activities. For example, in some states, such as Goa, land-based casinos are allowed, while in other states, it is prohibited.

Gambling activities, such as organized betting, are usually limited except for certain categories that include lotteries and horse racing.

There are three types of legislation:

The Prize Competition Act of 1955:

The Parliament passed the Prize Competition Act in 1955 to impose restrictions on games awarded winnings. According to the law, any prize competition that offers a prize for solving a puzzle, number competition, alphabet, crossword puzzle, missing word, or picture where the prize is higher than Rs 1,000 is prohibited by the Prize Competition Act.

Fortunately, this law concern only prizes competitions, and it is irrelevant to gambling.

The Information Technology Act of 2000:

This national act concerns cyber activities in India. It does not include the words “Gambling or Betting.” Thus, the act was left for interpretation by the Courts. But, the Court refused to consider it.

The important thing to consider here is that even though Indian casinos are not allowed to advertise online gambling games, such as casinos, sports betting, and bingo, it is not illegal for offshore companies to have gambling platforms that are oriented at Indian gamers.

Payment systems in India

Apart from competence in India’s gambling legislation, it is also necessary to know which payment systems are the most in-demand in India. This will be an important thing in determining how your online casino will function, how players will make payments, and what fees your business will incur.

When choosing to implement an online payment system provider into an online casino, it is crucial to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Security and hacking protection capabilities.
  • Simply and fast processing of payments.
  • A wide selection of payment methods.
  • Availability of different currencies, including cryptocurrencies
  • Support 24/7.
  • A solid reputation.
  • Registered company.

Several popular online payment methods in India:

  • Paytm
  • GPay
  • Unified Payments Interface (UPI)
  • Visa and Mastercard

Selection of gaming software for online casino

The selection of game content is the most essential and fundamental part of this business. Before buying games, operators should analyze the market and find out what games are in demand among the Indian population. It should be noted that you should choose games for your online casino only from reliable developers. Choose only high-quality game content with good graphics and design.


Launching an online casino in India will expand your customer base for your gambling business, especially you have gambling platforms globally. Operators have to remember that they must obey the law and don’t worry about anything. The governments of the states that issue a gambling license take a lot of time to accept and consider applications as they examine the social and political consequences of gambling businesses. Therefore, the process of starting your new gambling platform in India can be slow and demands preparing a lot of documents for the application. Anyway, it is worth launching this kind of business as all these investments will pay back, and you will receive a huge income from this business.


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