Why should your online casino have bingo games?

Bingo is an attractive game that has survived many generations of board game lovers and is immensely popular with people of all ages.

What is a bingo game?

Bingo is one of the lotto varieties. The meaning of this game is that each of the participants receives a card with a plate with a unique set of numbers. The presenter takes balls with numbers from the lottery drum one by one, and if the number on the ball is on your card, then it must be crossed out. The player who is the first to fill his card completely shouts “Bingo,” and if everything is filled in correctly, the winner gets his long-awaited win.

Today, in order to play bingo, it is not necessary to visit specialized gambling establishments. Anyone can find bingo on the internet and play bingo online.

The rules of online bingo are practically the same, except that all the players are not at the same table, but everyone is at their own computer (virtual table), which makes the process of the game much more comfortable and intriguing.

Purchasing bingo games for your online casino is a very profitable solution that allows you to recoup all costs in the shortest time and receive regular profits. But if you want to offer bingo games to your clients, you should obtain a gambling license for this type of game.

Obtaining a gambling license

In order to organize a full-fledged and legal operation of online bingo, the owner, first of all, needs to issue a gambling license, in this case, a bingo license, which will become a guarantor of financial stability, security and will allow legally running and developing all gambling projects, including bingo.

Obtaining such a license is a rather complicated and sometimes lengthy process, which takes from several months to a year since the licensing requirements and terms of execution differ significantly in different jurisdictions. Not every country has a legal framework for successful gambling, so online casino owners usually have to look for alternative solutions, such as hosting an offshore server.

If you need to get a bingo license as soon as possible, contact Slotegrator’s professionals who know the most optimal options for registering a legal gambling business.

What does Slotegrator offer?

Slotegrator is ready to offer its qualified services in obtaining a license for any type of gambling business, including bingo games.

Our specialists help to obtain a Curacao gambling license, which provides a unique opportunity to place web and mobile versions of bingo games on a gambling site and accept legal bets from players.

The Curacao license is an ideal solution for those who want to quickly start an international gambling business without any special financial costs.

This type of license opens up many possibilities for you:

  • control and run your online business remotely, from anywhere in the world where there is the internet;
  • using a multilingual and multicurrency system, you will be able to attract players from all over the world to your site;
  • become a full-fledged owner of an online legal business that generates a regular income.

Registration is carried out in the shortest time and does not require the client’s personal presence — our specialists will take care of all the formalities by providing a ready-made package of documents.


Bingo is a fun game that will help your site stand out from the competition. Online bingo works in the same way as regular bingo — the only difference is that you can play without leaving your home. The rules are no different: participants mark the numbers that come up on their cards, and the winner is the one who covers all the numbers first. In the online version, players use virtual cards.

If you decide to buy bingo games for your online casino, you will have a stable income and loyal customers.



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